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Samantha Claybrook & her little brother Christian…

Michael Fahrion

Medicine Park, OK

This marks the third year the Town of Medicine Park, OK has stocked rainbow trout in Medicine Creek.  Trout fishing has been great this season.


On Feb. 18th I took this 8 pound, 7 ounce rainbow on an old Mister 

Twister crank bait using an ultra-light rig with 5 pound test line.


Rodger Sorrels of Henrietta Oklahoma.  This is the 7pound 9 ounce large mouth caught early morning in a brush pile on 4/23/09 on Dripping Springs Lake in Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Castle Campbell, pictured with his son Collin, age 9

Caught April 19, on Bixby city lake using a spinnerbait. weight 7 lb. 0 oz.

John Newer of Elk City, OK

 with a 6lb hybrid from Foss Lake

Son.... Dustin

2 Nice hybrids caught

04 20 2009

Jacob McCalmont 06/07/09

Who let the bass out who? who?Who? who? Caught out of a small pond just south of Cushing OK.
Thanks to Alex! 

Drew Scruggs 14 of Skiatook, OK. Pictured with his sister Haley, is his 8 lb bass he caught in a pond behind his home in Skiatook. A few days later he also caught this 6 lb bass.

This 51 pound flathead and 25 pound blue were caught by 17 year old K.C. Spracklin and 15 year old Grant Rigdon, at the Blackwell Municipal Water Reservoir on July 3, 2009, in northern Oklahoma.  These two high school wrestlers were taking a break from selling fireworks at the Blackwell Wrestling Club fundraising firework stand.  Unable to land the large flathead, Rigdon jumped in the water and bear-hugged the creature.  While struggling with the trophy, it was apparent that the 125 lb sophomore needed assistance. 250 lb Senior heavyweight, Spracklin entered the water and retrieved both his friend and the monster. These two young anglers are wonderful examples of both sportsmen and athletes, and paint us a picture of the potential of youths of Oklahoma!



Brigitte Johnson

I caught this fish (flat Head) at Ft Cobb lake Saturday 06/27/2009 ... I was fishing off the dam with my crappie pole  with 4 pd test line with 2 orange jigs.  It took I while to get him in but I did it with a little help from my husband. I could not believe it he weighed 26 pds... I am waiting to see if the is the largest caught on 4 pd test line.. It was a blast..  I live in Moore and love to fish!


Me and my sons went fishing at a local pond on Saturday and I caught this thirteen inch long white tilapia. I would guess that it weighed around 2 to 3 pounds. ( I was traveling lite and did no have my scales with me.) The weird thing is that it is spawning. (with what?). Today I found her nest. She is not aggressive toward the sunfish. I believe it is the bass that she is fending off. Just thought I would send you a pic to see what you thought about it.  Thanks,

Jason Wright     Norman, OK

Adam Winborn

Fishing Fort Cobb

Josh Davis

Caught this nice lunker in Bixhoma (Bixby city lake) mid April on a weightless salty sinko

2009 Big bass season starts with

 two 14-pounders

         Jeremiah Johnson  / Tim O'Connor  

              of Bristow          of Oklahoma City
     Two anglers recently made the state's top 20 largemouth bass list when they reeled in bass tipping the scales at over 14 pounds.
     Tim O'Connor of Oklahoma City landed his 14-lb., 1-oz. bass Feb. 28 from a private pond in Pottawatomie County. He was using a jig and craw setup, and he released the fish. O'Connor said he has caught other nice fish in private ponds this year as well. The big bass lands a number eight spot on the state's top 20 largemouth bass list.
      A week later, on March 7, angler Jeremiah Johnson of Bristow landed a 14-lb., 5.9-oz. bass from Wetumka Lake for a number four spot on the top 20 list. His seven-foot Berkley rod was rigged with a red seven-inch Zellmander Carolina rig. The fish was 24 ¼ inches long and had a 21-inch girth. The live fish was turned over to Bass Pro Shops in Broken Arrow for display.
      Though it may be rare to see two 14-pound bass caught in a week's time, it's not unusual for big bass to be caught this time of year in Oklahoma. A glance through the list of Oklahoma's top 20 largemouth bass reveals 17 fish caught in the months of February, March and April. Eight of those fish have been caught since 2001.
      Johnson's fish also will go down as a Wetumka Lake record through the Wildlife Department's Lake Record Fish Program. Sportsmen can search lake record fish information, including the sizes of fish caught and what tackle was used to catch them, through a user-friendly search feature on the Wildlife Department's Web site at
      According to fisheries biologists with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, now through the next month is a great time to be fishing for not only big bass, but also for high numbers of bass as water temperatures warm and as spawning season approaches.
      A number of good live and artificial bait choices are available including plastic worms, surface lures and assortments of jigs as well as live minnows and even worms.
      “Anybody can catch a nice bass in Oklahoma,” said Gene Gilliland, central region fisheries supervisor for the Wildlife Department. “The key is to be out there fishing, because you sure won't catch any while inside.”
      To fish in Oklahoma, anglers must have a state fishing license and a fishing and hunting legacy permit, unless exempt. Some municipalities and lakes also require anglers to carry special permits. Consult the current “Oklahoma Fishing Guide” for more information

Kyler Swisher & Grandpa Ronnie…

Lesley McNeff, Mustang, caught this 78 lb. flathead catfish March 8 on her Kaw Lake trotline. The fish goes down as the first lake record flathead caught since the Wildlife Department initiated its Lake Record Fish Program Feb. 1. It is the third fish overall to be caught and certified as a Lake Record since the program began

Mike and Okiefish

Kaw Lake, March 2009

Limit of Crappie


Allen Gifford

caught this 14 lb., 8 oz. largemouth bass Feb. 27, which sets a new lake record for Arbuckle Lake and falls just shy of the state record largemouth caught in 1999. The fish also goes down as one of the first fish caught and certified as a lake record since the Wildlife Department’s new Lake Record Fish Program was initiated just weeks ago.



Greyson Blum

Here is a couple of pics of the fish I caught on Bell Cow Lake. My name is Greyson Blum and I am an Aquatic Resources Educator for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife. We set out to cat fishing initially, that way I could still tend to my studies (I'm a student). After hours of absolutely nothing, I decided to pick up my Bass pole and throw around a Heddon Torpedo. After about 5 casts, I was finishing my retrieve; the lure was about 10 ft in front of me when I saw her huge gaping mouth smack my lure! I yelled out to my buddy and the fight was on! She was winning the fight for the few seconds, she was so powerful! She really caught me off guard! I was wearing waders and was about 1.5 ft deep into the water. After I repositioned myself onto steady footing, I began winning the fight But, only for a few seconds. My buddy rushed over to help, and with a big splash! He slipped on the rocks at foot and fell into the water himself. That didn't stop him for long! He and I met at the bank where I slipped into the water AGAIN! While slipping, I also managed to kick my tackle into the water. But, alas, we managed to get on shore with my trophy bass! She kicked our butts! All in all, a great fish with a fantastic story! Moral of the story is; its always good to have a fishing buddy, even if he's as clumsy as you are! Ha-ha!


Ben Buchanan

2009 Tenkiller crappie caught the first of April,  It weighed 2.99 pounds and was 16 inches long.

Ronnie Burk

Wagoner, OK

     I’ve been a fan of yours for years.  I was in the military for two terms overseas and kind of got out of touch with my fishing heritage, but I am back and got a nice bass over 6 pounds in my Dad’s pond in Wagoner, Oklahoma.   (and my dad Joe in the blue shirt)

Denny Halgren, Ill.,

caught this 40.1 lb. blue catfish Feb. 27 at Grand Lake, setting a new lake record and going down as one of the first fish caught and certified as a lake record since the Wildlife Department’s new Lake Record Fish Program was initiated just weeks ago.

Betty Willey

Bethany, OK

May 4 2008

 Caught Lakeside of Canton Dam

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