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Fishing Reports



Jan 16, 2016

OkieFish fishing a Sooner Lake Jackpot.....

Weighed in 36 pounds including these 2 Nine Pounders

































Check out this paddlefish caught at Grand Lake on February 7, 2013 around Patricia Island. It was 52 inches long and weighed 110.8 pounds.


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March 23, 2012



Angler lands new Oklahoma state record largemouth bass

            A new Oklahoma state record largemouth bass was caught Friday, March 23, at Cedar Lake in southeast Oklahoma. The fish weighed 14 lbs. 12.3 oz. and was caught by Poteau angler Benny Williams, Jr. while on a camping trip at the 78-acre LeFlore Co. lake.

            Williams caught the bass at 11 a.m. on a oz. Striker King jig. This fish measured 26 inches in length and 22 3/8 inches in girth.

            Williams' fish breaks a state record held since 1999 when William Cross caught a 14-lb. 11.52-oz. bass from Broken Bow Lake.

            "Catching the state record largemouth bass in Oklahoma is a big deal and catching a fish this large is a big deal," said Barry Bolton, chief of fisheries for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. "It speaks to the quality of fishing we have in Oklahoma and also to the anglers who get out there and fish for them. We congratulate him on his great catch."

            The last two state record largemouth bass as well as several from the state's Top 20 Largemouth Bass List have been caught in the southern and southeast regions of the state. Fish are cold-blooded, so their metabolisms work faster in warmer conditions and they grow more rapidly. Lakes in the southeast region of the state tend to warm up earlier and cool off later in the year than in other regions, which affords these fish a longer growing season.

            According to Gene Gilliland, assistant chief of fisheries for the Wildlife Department, Cedar Lake has been known to produce big largemouth bass for anglers in recent years - not only because of its southeastern location, but also because it has a history of receiving Florida strain largemouth bass through the state's stocking program.

            "They grow pretty fast down in that part of the state," Gilliland said. "Cedar Lake has produced several double-digit fish in the last five years."

            Anglers who believe they may have hooked a record fish must weigh the fish on an Oklahoma State Department of Agriculture certified scale, and a Wildlife Department employee must verify the weight. For a complete list of record fish and the procedures for certifying a state record, consult the current "Oklahoma Fishing Guide" or log on to




state record bass

Benny Williams, Jr. of Poteau landed the new state record largemouth bass March 23 at Cedar Lake. The fish weighed 14 lbs. 12.3 oz.





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Crappie are biting!



Anyone Guess What Kind Of Fish this is?






Fishing Reports for 2011



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2010 Lake Records

Lake: Ft. Cobb
Species: Crappie
Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Angler: Shanon Pack
Date caught: March 30

Lake: Hefner
Species: Smallmouth bass
Weight: 6.5 lbs.
Angler: Bryan P. Suchy
Date caught: March 29

Lake: Wes Watkins
Species: Crappie
Weight: 2.7 lbs.
Angler: Cory Gray
Date caught: March 29

Lake: Texoma
Species: Spotted bass
Weight: 3.8 lbs.
Angler: Royce Harlan
Date caught: March 28


Lake: R.S. Kerr
Species: Spotted bass
Weight: 3.4 lbs.
Angler: Joe Erwin
Date caught: March 28

Lake: Shawnee Twin #1
Species: Crappie
Weight: 2.1 lbs.
Angler: Lucas Ellis
Date caught: March 24


Lake: Oologah
Species: Crappie
Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Angler: Cody McEndree
Date caught: March 23


Ole OkieFish should pay attention!

While fishing Sooner last fall (by myself)

I landed 8 stripers, the one above tipped the scale between 23 and 24 pounds, don't know the length but that is a size 12 shoe there! Sooner record was just set at 22.7!     Dang!    The good thing is they were all released in good shape, and ready to catch some other day!

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Fishing Reports For 2008



  • Allen Gifford

    Caught this 14 lb., 8 oz. largemouth bass Feb. 27, 2008 which sets a new lake record for Arbuckle Lake and falls just shy of the state record largemouth caught in 1999.


Oklahoma Lake Catch Limits



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Fishing Reports For 2007


Fishing Reports 2006


Steve Hines:

 With 15 pound Hybrid on Altus- Lugert caught June 2nd on the

 Big Sooner Slab!

Tail water and River Reports on the page!

Hottest Lake Report:

  Texoma on Stripers

Dee Hines with Texoma Striper

Grab a Pencil Popper and hit the windy banks

The Stripers are starting the fall feed!

Also look for the birds they are on fish!


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Lower Mountain Fork River:

 Dec. 2. Debbie at MarVals Resort says river has been down mostly and the trout fishing has been good. White and chartreuse has been the color for the week.

Dec. 2.
The river looks to have been down all week except Tues. and Wed. The best bet has been little bitsy flies, midges, and larger Wooley buggers. While you are there look for Sow bugs and let me know if you see any. Report submitted by Larry Clark, On The Fly.
Oct. 22.
Zone 3 has been fishing the best. The area known as the Rock Garden down to Presbyterian Falls has been good. Report submitted by Sid and Peggy Beavers Bend Fly Shop.
Aug. 15.
There has been very little fishing pressure during the week. The fishing seems to have improved slightly this week. The combination of less pressure and cooler temperatures have been a positive influence on the trout fishing. Our "Hex" hatch is continuing. Some folks have really had a blast fishing at night in total darkness. At least this weekend you should have some moonlight to work with, assuming there is not much cloud cover. Zone 2 and 3 have been fishable in the morning hours with generation typically beginning in the mid-afternoon. Of course this is subject to change. Keep an escape route planned at all times. Spillway creek is flowing at about 80 CFS and some folks find it impossible to fish, but the folks who learn to deal with the swift water are doing very well. Several nice brown trout have been caught and released in the "creek" lately. There are at least 3 species of mayflies hatching and a couple types of caddis. The fly selection has not changed since last week. A really good method of rigging is to fish with two flies. Report submitted by Sid and Peggy Beavers Bend Fly Shop

July 11. Best to fish very early or very late or fish at night because the heat has made fish inactive during the day. Use small mayfly imitations in early morning, terrestrials, hoppers, ants and beetles late in day. Streamers are best below major dams. Fishing also good on nymph, bouncing on the bottoms. July 11th is stocking day. Report submitted by Sid and Peggy Ingram, Beavers Bend Fly Shop

June 20. Flyfishers having success on dry flies and standard subsurface nymphs and emergers. Brown trout being caught and released on various dryflies. ODWC will stock 200,000 fingerling rainbow trout on Thursday, June 20, all three zones receiving 70,000 each. Very little water being released through powerhouse making zone 2 and 3 fishable. Report submitted by Sid and Peggy Ingram, Beavers Bend Fly Shop

Upper Illinois River:

June 5. The gauges were 6.28 at Tahlequah and 4.53 at Watts. The river is high after all the rains but expected to drop by the weekend. Ed Fite says to remember that alcohol and floating don't mix. With all changing water levels this Spring, there are still lots of obstructions that can be a danger. With the river high, fish the areas out of the main flow. Be prepared to fish all depths this time of the year. Try top water and deep water flies. Report submitted by Ed Fite Scenic Rivers Commission

Lower Illinois River:

April 28. White bass fair at mouth of Illinois and Arkansas river. Trout biting well with yellow and white power baits and on sow bugs, lemon squirrel, prince and olive mayfly. Report submitted by MarVal Resort

Feb. 18. Trout good on blue rooster tails. Trout were stocked on Feb. 13, 2003. Report submitted by MarVal Resort.
Jan. 7.
Donny Locken and Ryan Murphy while tent camping for 3 days, caught 14 trout. Yellow power bait has been the most productive bait this past week, with orange running a close second. Jennifer Collins from Stilwell, OK caught a 3 14 lb. trout on yellow power bait. James Collins form Stilwell caught a 4 lb. trout on yellow power bait. Report submitted by Val Marcum at MarVal.

Oct. 18. Gauges were 2.23 at Tahlequah and 1.95 at Watts. The river is still a little low but the fishing has been great. The smallmouth have really been active as they get ready for winter. The fishing has been great! Be sure to call ahead if you need to rent a canoe from a outfitter. Report submitted by Larry Clark On The Fly Flyfishing Tahlequah.
Oct. 22.
Cody Dollarhide, form Morrison, OK, 6 years old, caught his first trout on orange power bait. Several trout were caught this past weekend, though few limits were seen. Trout stocking should be on Thursday October 24, 2002, in the afternoon. Report submitted by Marval Rout Camp

Aug. 9. Larry Clark, On The Fly Flyfishing, Tahlequah : A lot of traffic on the river this week. Fish and float early or late to catch the bigger fish. Good bets now seems to be anything brown that has lots of action.Water temp. in the 80's. Scenic Rivers Commission gauge Friday was 2.64 at Tahlequah and 2.19 at Watts. (about the same as last week).


Red River (below the Denison Dam): 

April 19th. Elevation 6 ft. above normal, water 55 and murky but clearing.

Generation closed due to flooding below. Blue catfish good on whole shad below Denison Dam around brush piles and rocks

Wewoka Creek: April 19th The sand bass Still running down here in Wetumka up Wewoka Creek.  Nice fish reported some in the 3lb class !!!!!!! The fish are still full off eggs and males full of sperm, so it'll be good for a while.

Verdigris River: April 18th above Oologah Lake... Sandbass almost excellent up the river by the hundreds!.

Reminder that the limit on White bass is 20 per person from the
Caney River south of Oologah Dam, north throughout the lake and all its tributaries to the Kansas state line


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