Oklahoma's Fish Species

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Red Ear Sunfish

Green Sunfish

Smallmouth Bass

Spotted Bass

Bluecat Catfish

Channel Cat Catfish

The Flathead

The Alligator Gar

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Id the fish you caught in Oklahoma. Learn about your catch. Contained in these pages is the information you looking for! Learn where and how to catch the fish of Oklahoma!

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   The Hybrid

   The Striper

   The Sand Bass

   The Walleye

   The Black Crappie

   The White Crappie

   The Bluegill Sunfish

   The Red Ear Sunfish

   The Green Sunfish

   The Smallmouth Bass

   The Spotted Bass

   The Bluecat

   The Channel Cat

   The Flathead Catfish

   The Spoonbill

   The Alligator Gar

   The Common Carp


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Oklahoma's Official State Records

Largemouth Bass

The Hybrid

The Striper

The Sandbass

The Walleye

Black Crappie

White Crappie

Blue Gill Sunfish

The Common Carp

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