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Thanksgiving Texoma Trip 2013

Only Fish The Best!

  Absolutely, and I do mean Absolutely the best Bottom Bumping Slab on the  market! With our new "Side-Winder", the Sand Bass don't have a prayer! The "Big Sooner" has the guides and the "stripers" on Lake Texoma scratching their heads. The secret is, find the fish close to the bottom on slopes or next to creek channels. Bounce the "Sooner Slab" off the bottom in a vertical motion; keep your line slightly taught on the way back to the bottom, then HOLD ON! The motion our slabs emulate is a wounded shad, something a Hybrid, Striper, Walleye, or Sand Bass can't refuse!

 Email or Call Dee Hines "Sooner Slabs", Cordell, Okla. at: or    Call 580-832-3292, 580-819-1966!

The PROOF is in the Pudding!........

The Sooner Slab does it again!

The Hines Boys.....Dee, Steve & Scott catch and RELEASE "15" Altus-Lugert Hybrids over 15 pounds on the Big Sooner, June 1st, 2012! When we say designed by fisherman for fisherman we mean it.    Sooner Slab.... Only fish the BEST!






The Sidewinder $3.98


The Big Sooner $3.98


The Sooner Slab $3.98

A Great Testimony!

This winter me and my brother tried making up some slab spoons and they turned out pretty nice. I made up some 1.5oz, 2o.z. and 3o.z. spoons. Made them from

the casting spoon mold from Barlows. It was very fun being able to make them with my brother, I enjoy spending time with him. We don't have a whole lot in

common, but fishing we both love very much. It was funny how last September I decided to try one of your spoons and he just laughed at me and said there is no

way that will put fish in the boat. After ten minutes and five fish in the boat. His face was beet red and he turned to me and said "Do you have anymore of those" Gene, it was the funniest thing to have him say that like that. I only had two of your slab spoons in my tackle box, one on my line and one on his. Luckily we didn't get hung up on anything and lose one. Because I am sure we may have had a fight. That next night I got on the phone and called Dee to send me 10  more. After visiting with him on the phone for awhile, talking about some hot spots, I couldn't wait to get those slabs and get back out there, and neither could my brother. I don't know how many fish I caught last fall but your slabs and your help on your site put me on fish nearly every outing. I am excited about trying the slabs out that we made this winter and seeing if I can catch some fish on a lure that I made myself. I think that will be very exciting. I have been wanting to share that story with you for awhile. I am sure that you cherish the times in which you are able to fish with Dee and other family and friends.

I need to get see about ordering some sidewinders pretty soon, I am looking forward to trying out that new single hook sidewinder you have. Does Dee have a place at Cordell that he sells them. If I was ever in that area I would like to meet him and visit with him. Thanks for everything, and I will keep the posts coming to you this year. Take Care and Good Luck Fishing.

Bryon Nolan


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