The Blue Cat

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Ole' Blue

Ictalurus furcatus

Ictalurus furcatus

Ictalurus furcatus


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Oklahoma Record: 85lbs. 4ozs.

World Record: 109.25 pounds, caught in the Cooper River, Moncks Corner, South Carolina, in 1991.

Description: Adult fish have stout bodies with prominently humped backs in front of the dorsal fin. They resemble channel catfish by having deeply forked tails, but are dissimilar because they are unspotted and have a long, straight-edged anal fin with 30 to 35 rays. The back and upper sides are blue to slate gray, and the lower sides and belly are white. The internal air bladder has a constriction in the middle, giving it a two-chambered appearance.

Other Names: channel cat,
Mississippi White, hump-back blue, fork tail cat, great blue cat, silver cat, blues, chucklehead cat, blue fulton

Subspecies: There are no recognized subspecies. They are known to naturally hybridize with channel catfish. The channel-blue hybrid is popular among aqua culturists.

Range: Found throughout the State of Oklahoma.  

Habitat: Blues occupy most big rivers and in the lower reaches of major tributaries. They are found in Farm Ponds and most major impoundments in Oklahoma. They prefer clearer, swifter water than other catfish, and are usually found over sand, gravel or rock bottoms. Their preferred water temperature is 77 to 82 degrees.  

Spawning Habits: Spawning and nesting behavior is similar to others of its family. In late spring, males commonly choose and clear a nest site, usually in drift piles, logs, root systems or other dark, secluded areas near the bank. The eggs hatch in about a week, and males guard the fry in the nest until they swim away a week or so later.  

Feeding Habits: Young blues eat aquatic insects and small fish while larger blues prefer crayfish, mussels and other fish. They feed primarily at night.

Growth: Blue catfish grow faster and live longer than channel catfish. They are the largest member of the catfish family. Blues may grow to lengths of over 55 inches and may weigh more than 100 pounds. Maximum life span for blues is unknown but is probably 20-25 years.  

Sporting Quality: One of the strongest freshwater fish; blues are caught on bush hooks or trotlines as well as rod and reel. The most effective baits are cut fish, live fish and night crawlers, and the Ole OkieFish favorite: homemade stink bait! (recipe on bottom of page) They will take a variety of  prepared and rotting baits. Most are caught while bottom fishing with cut fish, rigged on large hooks weighted down by heavy lead sinkers.

Eating Quality: Considered an excellent food fish with white, firm, delicately flavored flesh.  



Additional Information Supplied by:

Danny Bowen

ODWC-Central Region- Fisheries

Thanks Danny!

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This is Ole' OkieFish's Dad Secret Homemade Stink Bait!!

3/4 gallon ground shad

2lbs limburger cheese  or any cheese

1 cup of flour

2 teaspoons of cider vinegar

2lbs calf brains

one banana

bury 3 foot down in sealed container  for 3 weeks Just For Fishn'
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