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The Walleye, and It's Hybrid,  The Saugeye

Stizostedion Vitreum

Stizostedion Vitreum


Oklahoma Record:  12lbs 10ozs.

World Record: 25 lbs.

Description This perch loves clear, cold, deep waters in lakes and rivers, but it prefers a sand, gravel, or rock bottom. Walleyes are schooling fish, so once you catch one, more are to follow.
Range: The Oklahoma Wildlife Department has introduced the Walleye and it's Hybrid the Saugeye (which is a cross with a sauger)in almost all major impoundments in Oklahoma, also you can find them behind bigger dams where water frequently runs.
Habitat: When they enter their spring spawning phase, walleyes in lakes move up on shallow, hard bottom structures such as reefs, points and shorelines where wave action keeps the water moving. They also migrate upstream into rivers in search of gravel bottoms swept by steady currents. Walleyes living in large, navigable river systems stack up in large numbers below dams at this time. After spawning, walleyes move deeper and relate to drop-offs and weed edges where they prowl for food. In large bodies of water, packs of walleyes roam wide, open expanses while following schools of baitfish. They are often caught long distances from structure and well above the bottom.
Feeding Habits: Minnows and small fish comprise the main forage for walleyes, which are prized table fare. On some waters, walleyes also nab Mayfly nymphs as the insects rise from the bottom to the surface during their annual hatch.
Growth: Usually 1 lb. - 5 lb up to 20 lbs. Oklahoma lakes have an 18 inch length limit on both the saugeye and walleye.
Eating Quality: Ask 10 anglers to name the best-tasting game fish to be found and the answer will almost assuredly be unanimous - the walleye.
Sporting Quality: The Walleye is a great early spring time sport fish. In Oklahoma their spawning habits fill the slot for the avid fisherman. As they spawn early before the crappie or the Black Bass. Walleyes can be caught on live bait, such as minnows and the night crawler, rigged with a small weight and a 1 and a half foot leader. Trolling is very popular in the summertime and slabbing of course produces an abundance of quality fish. We have noticed that if are catching Sandbass or Hybrids that if we catch a Walleye or a Saugeye, the Sandbass move out.

Hottest Lakes

Altus-Lugert              (Yielded Last State Record)



Fort Cobb


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