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Introducing Angella: She is an avid fisherperson and fishes year round, Angella's favorite is Lake Eufaula and the Lower Illinois River. She is like Okiefish, where ever her travels take her, she fishes. This picture from a trip to Cozumel, Mexico. When the fish are biting and where ever, you'll most likely find Angella close by. Below are more pictures of her trip to Cozumel.



Spoonbill fishing April 2011


Spoonbill fishing April 2010


First Bow Kill 2009




May 2009 Turkey Hunt


Nice 45 Pound


Jan. 2008

Wintertime Striper Fishing

First Big Striper of 2008

April 2007

First Jake Turkey


April 2007

Snagging for Spoonbill

Fishing the Lower Illinois River:


A 20 lb Striper

 Caught In April 2006

Angella uses live shad most of the time switching to artificial in the winter.


       A 30lb and 60lb Spoonbill

Illinois River Dec 2006

Nice Hybrid

Angella's Photo Gallery


Did I mention she also likes to hunt!  

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