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My Best Day Fishin' 






I'd been working long and hard, it was a cool autumn day

I figured if I hurried that maybe by three I could be on my way

So I rushed on home, changed clothes and hooked up my rig,

Throwed in some poles, tackle and such, even checked my jig and pig.

Well, I was halfway to Sooner when I looked up

And there was Jesus sittin' in my pick-up truck!!!

At first I thought it was just in my head

Then thoughts bounced around, am I dead?

It must have been at least a half mile before I checked again

Then such a peace came over me. I knew my best fishin' trip had just began.

We talked what about I'm not sure .

It was by thought, and oh so pure.

As I backed down the boat , I was bubblin' with Joy

You know, kinda like catchin' your first fish as a boy!

As I hopped in the boat, n sit down in my seat, and just before I turned the key

There he was ---smilin'---sittin' right next to me.

We checked the water ---- so calm and clear

I could hear a flock a geese , I knew they were near.

He said, "Our Father made all this just for you.

The grass, the trees, the sky so blue."

I sit in awe --- then I cranked up the Merc

I knew we were headed were the big'uns lurk!

We went through the canal and around the bend

My hope at this time, was that this would never end.

We were the only ones out that day

And I could just feel it, the bass were wantin' to play!

As I coasted in to my favorite hole  

Jesus said, "Be sure to hang on to that fishing pole?"

Well, I saw my cast before I ever made it

He laughed and said, "Someone's gonna get bit!"

I flipped my jig right next to an ole rusty log

In hopes it was the home of a big ole hog.

I took up the slack, clicked over my reel

Put my finger on the line for a real good feel.

Oh what a thump!  My line headed south

Jesus laughed and said, " You've hooked Ole Bucketmouth!"

The fight was on --- down the bank she went

Mercy, my pole sure was bent!

She jumps and down the bank she goes

The excitement, I'm sure, every fisherman knows!!!

Well, I thumbed that rascal, and fell back in my seat

And I know for three counties, you could hear my heartbeat!

Checked her out from tip to tail

Most folks would have claimed she was a whale!!

The colors so bright, the black, the shimmering green

I'd fought a lot of bass, but this one was plum mean.

I said, "Thank ya Lord, You've blessed me greatly!"

And I remembered I hadn't said that enough lately.

That glow that was around him seemed to get a little brighter

That lump in my throat got a whole lot tighter.

Well, I smiled at him and he smiled at me

And I said---"This one I've got to set free!"

We hit a dry spell.... I think it was in the plan

That's when I noticed the hole in his hand.

The thought crossed my mind, He did that--just for me

You've got it----- He set us all free!!

The number of fish caught that day I can't quite remember

But we couldn't do no wrong, caught'em on the bank and in the timber.

What seemed like minutes, well hours had passed.

Oh, but the memories will last and last.

We set by the dike with prairie chickens playin'

We saw three deer, two feedin' and one layin'

The quail were whistlin' and Marlands flew by.

If you looked to the west, It was a beautiful yellow-orange sky.

The scenery so beautiful, oh the sights we did see

But, nothing was more glorious than who was ridin' with me.

No, I didn't see angels, but I knew they were around

Jesus said, "They keep unearthly things bound."

He said, " The Father's angels have charge concerning you. You're never alone.

They'll lift you up even if you just trip on a stone."

He talked to me with such a truth that I could easily understand

It was so peaceful and joyous, but never a demand.

He said , "The Father looks at the heart for each one's desires

A man full of life, God so admires."

Now he is with me everyday. If you look real close, you just might see

Who it is ---standing right next to me.

I've tried to write down what I experienced that day

I know I 've failed, there's just no way!

So the next time you're out amongst God's creations

You might just find your self in the same situation.

The last words he spoke in such a way

That they will stay with me until my dyin' day.

What I'd enjoyed, he said " was just an inklin' of what's to be

When in heaven we'll  fish --- THE FATHER, THE SON, & ME!


                                        Gene Hines   1991


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